Dental Sealants From Your Dentists in Brampton

If you're looking for an easy, pain-free way to protect your molars and prevent tooth decay, dental sealants may be a great option for you. Made from clear or white plastic coatings, sealants are painted onto the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. They act as a barrier, protecting these teeth from plaque and bacteria that can lead to cavities and other serious dental issues.

Who is an ideal candidate for dental sealants?

Whether you're a child or an adult, dental sealants can be a great way to protect your molars and prevent decay. Once in place (the coatings take about five minutes to adhere and harden), they can provide up to 10 years of protection with diligent daily oral hygiene habits and regular in-office cleanings and checkups.

At what age should dental sealants be applied?

Dental experts recommend having dental sealants placed on molars as early as possible, as they have the potential to prevent cavities and help keep teeth strong for many years. However, sealants can be applied at any age for many patients, depending on their oral health condition.

Do you have questions about dental sealants and whether they may be right for you? Call us today to learn if this preventive treatment can help you protect and strengthen your smile.

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  • Help prevent the formation of decay in molars
  • Enjoy protective benefits for up to 10 years
  • Experience pain-free application
  • Beneficial for kids & adults alike
  • Boost your oral health!

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